Colorful Candy Currency

When I said that the money in the future was very colorful and looked like monopoly money - especially the orangeback ten , people maybe wondered what I was talking about. They may have thought that all this talk about money where was it going to lead. 

Colorful Candy Currency

You know that John Titor never mentioned the colorful money that would soon come out, but Alex Jones did. It was Alex Jones that broke the story about why money would soon become so colorful.

Look at the rich saturated candy colors. It looks like as real as play money I pulled out of a kids toy box. As real as a toy pistol used to play cops and robbers. And who is robbing us of our heritage? 

Do not believe the story about stopping fakes. The real reason has to do with psychology. We need to understand what they are doing. 

Currency used to be very plain and unadorned. It was supposed to be serious not a toy, but now we see "toy money" in our pockets as colorful as video game tokens, and worth about as much. Instead of cold cash we now have colorful candy currency.

Our new currency looks like it was designed by Barney, a toothless purple dinosaur about to become EXTINCT!

We cannot deny that the printing press has been busy day and night churning out more and more of these colorful candy-like pieces of paper. They are not back up by gold or silver. They are an expression of faith in our government.

At one time our money was a serious as a bank statement and as solid as a bank vault. It helped to keep people confident of our ability as a world power.

The money back in the 50's was backed by silver, and in the 20's it was backed by pure gold. It looked strong and somber, not the candy colored crisps we see now.

The greenback was clean and green, not a pastel shade of pink. We had a serious looking strong currency that was as strong as America itself.

Now with all the factories closing and moving to Red China. With all the white collar middle class jobs being outsourced to sweat shops in India - what do we have left? 

In the new America, that wants to pay scooter wages to compete with China, what do we have left? Do we have steel mills and manufacturing plants? Do we have state-of-the-art foundries?

Or instead do we have a bunch of greedy executives making hundreds of millions of dollars per year that constantly talk about making cuts and downsizing and outsourcing and streamlining.

When are they going to be sent packing - these leeches and vampires that feed off America? Who shut down our factories while opening new ones in Red China who has missiles pointed at the US and knocked down a US satellite?

What do we do?

Republicans claim they are against communism, but all I see is them putting more and more factories in Red China. The only thing they believe in now is making money. At one time Reps were against slavery. Well, they now love the worker just as much as the People's Republic, what a joke.

Don't give your money to companies like WALMART. Companies where over 90% of their products say "MADE IN CHINA". These companies like to pay low wages and use cheap non-union labor.

Notice that Walmart is anti-union and pro bring trash from China made by slaves. The workers in China are slaves. They cannot strike or complain against the "people's republic". 

Our so called elected representatives need to stop the flow of good American jobs to communist Red China. No more talk about "downsizing" or "outsourcing". We need to have companies pay a living wage. Right now, major corporations are using slave labor in Red China to make a few executives RICHER. We need to put pressure on elected officials to stop slavery. If one person is a slave, we are all slaves.