Funny Money - Golden one dollar coin

Funny Money - orange one dollar coin looks like videogame money

We see some funny money out there, but I predict that in 2007 we will face a strange looking dollar coin. It looks like play money. Basically a big orange quarter with Washington and other presidents on the face, and the statue of liberty on the back.  Reminds me of a videogame token. It is almost as bad as the ORANGEBACK ten dollar bill that is orange instead of green, as in green back, and looks like Monopoly money.

We will certainly see some very interesting money in the future.

I told Steven Gibbs about some money that I saw when I went to the future. I use the HDR to go astral. It looks so rad as in radical.

More predictions - I predicted that both Rummy and the Dummy would resign. The debunkers said "That's crazy". When Rummy "resigned", they said it was "obvious". Well, I guess when the Dummy resigns it shall also be "obvious". That guy is as popular as a porcupine in a balloon factory. Calls for him to step down will only get louder.

Expect the unexpected in 2007 as democrats start investigating certain cozy relationships between big biz and certain senators. I think you know what I mean. It will make ENRON look like a footnote in history.

BTW, it's kind of cold outside, are you feeling a draft? I also predicted a draft. FOOT SOLDIER, your name for tells your future!

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