Future Architecture

pyramid house is future architecture

If only we could live in the future where people live without fear, yes fear of crime, poverty, unemployment, etc. In the year 2252 I saw when going astral giant pyramidal structures. Future architecture is on a grand scale. In fact, our descendants will live in a world quite different from our own.

A world fill with peace and plenty. Yes, a place where smiles are common, and sadness is rare.

For example the Dubai Sun Tower which look like an hourglass is future architecture. It is a bit pyramidal in shape and harkens to the far future. I believe that the Dubai Grand Pyramid is the shape of things to come. Not only is the pyramid an ancient structure, but also one that is durable and can last thousands of years. It is interesting to note that people in the far future draw inspiration from the distant past.

What an exciting tomorrow architecture has and we will live in it hopefully. This is what I did view in the  future using The Hyper Dimensional Resonator / HDR built by Steven Gibbs. If only more people could see what a glorious shining road lies ahead of us. I believe that we shall employ atomic power to light our great cities and bring on a new dawn in technology.

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