Future Candy

Tomorrow's sweet treat

So sweet, and what will candy in the future be like? What I saw look very old fashioned, not high tech at all.

Colorful Candy

Yes, there are candy bars in the future. Here is how they make them. They take honey boil it in a pan and then at peanuts. Then they put it outside to cool. It gets hard like a rock - like a peanut brittle.

No bad, a sweet treat from the future. It seems that people still have a sweet tooth hundreds of years into the far tomorrow. Still, most of the future food was not fun.

In a time jump to the 2150's I saw the future of food, there were these pellets of blue green algae - Grosss!

No sugar candy. It seems that people use honey, but not sugar.

We can wonder why. I have asked many other people questions as to why this might be. The answeres are all over the board, Perhaps it is that replicated food lacks "life force" and thus zaps your life force in you. I do know from Steven Gibbs that items brought back from the future can lose their "TIME LOCK" and age very rapidly turning into dust in a few days.

It appears that lack of life wave is one reason why the microwave oven is so bad. It damages the life wave in food by disruptive resonance.

Heart shaped candy

Still, I was expecting exotic candy in the future. Perhaps those heart shaped candies from valentines day. It seems that people still likr sweeties in the future, but they eat less candy.

I hope that time travel will answer more questions about the future.


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