Future Execs

Leaders of the Far Age

Ever wonder what bosses will be like in the future? Well, our current system is replaced by a different one.

Executives of the Future

In contrast to our current economic system now we see at present, those of the days to come feature less competition and more cooperation. People of our time feel the force to compete with others rather than see them as friends. Future Executives will live in a quite different world, one where the emphasis is on quality, not on making a profit off cheap junk that breaks.

And yet it may seem so strange - this new world. For so long we have lived in a place that did not value collaboration and saw it as dirty.

Most strange sights our far future will bring. It seems that in that distant far off tomorrow people view their work place very differently. For our office is not a place to nap, but more like an industrial warehouse where stuff gets done. It is called a factoryversity - a hybrid of a factory and university.

Future exec


Are people who value those they work with and help coordinate activities. They are not leaders, but rather members of leaderless teams that work together for a common future where all people help one another.


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