Future Fruit

Tomorrow's Treats

And what shall the fruit of the future look like? How big will it get? I can tell you that monster melons is not the fruit of the future. Still, there seems to have been some genetic modification taking place in the far tomorrow.

Apple as future fruit

Instead of the giant berries predicted by H G Wells in the Time Machine to exist in the future, the berries that I saw in the future using Astral Time Travel were puny and scrawny little things. The future has many exotic machines, but the food is ghastly.

In a jump to 2150 I saw future food, it was pellets of blue green algae - YUCK!

Talk about losing your appetite, but the berries which looked like those wild blackberries were small and dries out little things that seemed like a joke. It was as if they bred for plants that could survive in a harsh environment and the quality of fruit was a secondary concern.

One thing to remember about the future, is that they have replicators that can rep everything except one thing FOOD. Yes, you cannot eat replicated food or you die. Replicators have a sign with an apple with an "X" thru it and it says "DO NOT PUT FOOD IN HERE!" I told Steven Gibbs about this.

Replicated fruit looks and even tastes like the real thing, but it will kill you quick. Not sure why this is.

We can wonder why. I have asked many other people questions as to why this might be. The answeres are all over the board, Perhaps it is that replicated food lacks "life force" and thus zaps your life force in you. I do know from Steven Gibbs that items brought back from the future can lose their "TIME LOCK" and age very rapidly turning into dust in a few days.

It appears that lack of life wave is one reason why the microwave oven is so bad. It damages the life wave in food by disruptive resonance.

life wave

I do know that making a copy of a copy is not a good thing due to replicant fading. Use the original to copy from. Also, that copies do not last as long as the original. For example, if a car lasts 200,000 miles a rep car might last only a few thousand miles due to it being dimensionally unstable.

A friend told me that shoes that last five years (5 X 12) 60 months might only last six months before they wear out so about 1/10 the useful life. So rep food "rots" real quick, but kills even quicker.


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