Future Games

Tomorrow's toys today

Any toys in the days to come? What will the games of the future be like? Well, I can say this, no nintendo in the far future. Those hand held game boys are pretty much an anomaly of our time. People in the future have little time for playing games; at least that is what I saw using Astral Time Travel.

Can of Soup

There is one game that I saw in the future. It is called KICK THE CAN. People put an old tin can on top of the dirt, draw a circle around it, and throw rocks at the can to KICK it out of the circle. The idea is to kick it out with the least amount of stones thrown at the can.

At first, you miss a bunch of times, but slowly you get better. I could kick the can out of the circle with one strategically placed rock. This game ROCKS!

Some guys make toys out of old parts from the smoldering ash heaps that still remain, but most are busy trying to find food. That "game" takes up most of the waking hours of the few remaining people.

When you time travel to the future you see very few toys.

A few girls make dolls out of straw and scraps of cloth. It is sad to see the toys of the future, they seem so poorly made and shoddy. It is as if peopke have lost something in the process. Not sure how to put it into words..Astral time travel is a way to see the future.

Computer Games

I expected to see cool gadgets in the days to come to be fancy hand held computer games that go BEEP BEEP BEEP, with a joystick and a fire button. Well, let's just say that in the future after the war, batteries are a bit hard to come by and if anyone is lucky enough to have some, then they are used to listen to a portable shortwave radio; things like where the fallout is heavy and what areas to avoid.

Playing a hand held is as prewar as it gets. Those few that survive have very little time for day dreaming. The new reality is HARSH.

John Titor talked about computer games in the future. I did not see that.


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