Future of Diet

The Food of the Far Tomorrow

Ever wonder what people will eat in the future? I can tell you that fast food is not the future. There are no Burger Kings in the far tomorrow. People of that distant age are all vegetarians and see killing animals as a bad act. But what DO they eat?.

green pellets

In a jump to the 2150's I saw people "feasting" on pellets of blue green algae. It was not round balls, but rather cylinders extruded like cattle pellets. In fact, they look like cattle pellets and they must taste horrible! Yes, the people did not look like they enjoy the experience. It does not stimulate the palate. These hard crunchy bits of dried algae is what we have to look forward to.

Yuuuck! I hate seaweed, or shall we say algae grown in ponds of sewage. That is what the people eat!

We take for granted the wide variety of food we have now and the grocery store that is filled wall to wall with every treat we can imagine. Food is cheap now, but in the future it is expensive because replicators cannot be used to make food. If you eat food that is replicated you die! So food is very expensive.

Overwieght person on bathroom scale

On the plus side, not a lot of fat people in the future. With the ghastly gross food, few become overweight. I did not see any Dunkin Doughnuts or KFC anywhere. The diet was spartan at best.

In our own time we have the problem of :Large Marge, and her bulk. This "WIDE LOAD" can barely fit into a truck, imagine getting her into the tiny little cars of tomorrow. Those flying cars would never get off the ground.


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