Future of Shopping

Shopping in the future is quite different because we see the use of replicators and teleporters. There is no drive to a store. The very idea of waiting in a line seems quite odd. People do not queue up in the future to get items.

There is no credit card used to purchase plastic toys that often break before you even get home. No, things are quite different in the future.

Spending your money on junk makes no sense in the future. In the days that follow we will see this civilization fall apart. People will learn that spending their money on plastic fill dirt is not the way to go.

In the days ahead we are remembered as a wasteful and particularly wasteful people who did ruin the environment with detritus and leave a mess for those that followed.

Still, there are those who have a fantasy for the large shopping mall. They yearn for an age before replicators and teleporters when people drove up to stores and bought things with small round pieces of metal. When green pieces of paper where used to convey value and you could carry massive wealth in your back pocket.

Often their journey is to the 1920's or the 50's. Our time with pollution and problems is seen as far from ideal. Few travels to the 30's (depression) and 40's (WWII) people like the fun times.

In the future people can create with their minds anything they want. They age of machines is like living in a wheelchair you depend on others, but in the far flung futurity you can make anything and do so without any inputs other than your raw will.

Steven Gibbs told me that people in the future use crystals for power and free energy devices. Actually the energy is not free, but pulled from the quantum vacuum. They do not worry like now about losing their job or starving to death. It is a world without fear.

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