HDR compass

HDR compass

Here is an HDR movie. Basically, it is slow one. HDRKID turns on the HDR near a compass. The idea is that the gibbs machine generates a magnetic field. The polarity is important to us. According to Steven Gibbs is should be a north pole field we gen. A south pole field can send you to Astral Hell.

Well, here are our results when using an Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Hope that you can enjoy. Tell me if you see any errors.

Please write to #HDRKID with any question so we shall try to give you answers. 

All the best to you. Here is the HDR compass movie. Notice how the compass spins.

If you got any questions on my HDR, please write to HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMail [dot] com

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