HDRKID sees 2078

What happened?

Using astral time travel to the year 2078 HDRKID saw on satellite television a major broadcast where a prominent researcher William Allard Halcourt had discovered the cure for cancer. The chemical was called klyzinate, it was a carbamate with a furan group similar to carbofuran a known insecticide.

This extremely toxic compound klyzinate acted by killing rapidly dividing cancer cells. It's method of action was blocking spindle formation. Sadly it only killed the cancer cell, any precancerous cells were spared. However they were using another compound to revert precancerous cells to normal cells.

Many people saw this discovery as a breakthough like that of penicillin. The cost of the chemical was high, but they were working on cheaper analogs.

It makes me happy to report that a cure for cancer is found in the future. Perhaps we can speed up the research into furan based compounds and their effects on cancer cells.

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