Locating your vortex

Finding magnetic anomaly areas near you

Using an EMF detector known as Cellsensor I can find strange areas. These contain magnetic anomalies that we can a vortex of energy. This is important when using an HDR. Well, we are told that vortex trees, or I mean trees that grow over an open vortex grow crooked and twisted into a spiral due to the energy. There is often nothing growing where a vortex is located and it exists as a bald spot in your lawn that is bare of any grass.

Steven Gibbs knows about ant hills and energy points, because insects are attracted to a vortex that is open. Sometimes also, you see a cloud of gnats hover over one.

We have to have eyes to be able to see what is coming soon upon us. It is like this old world that we are living in, will soon not exist anymore. It shall be replaced by primitive slash/burn subsistance argriculture and tiny little trading posts. We shall indeed return again to being primitive to the max.

OK many of these things will soon be seen. In fact, such is the world after the war. Basically, using Steven Gibbs HDR, this is what we see.

It is sad that we lose most of our technological base, but that is to be understood now. This "plastic paradise" was not sustainable in the long tern or even near. Perhaps, we should have stayed with steam and used wood fuel to create our vapor. However, we did turn to oil and later the mighty atom with results that we less than stellar, but quite catastrophic and then some.


Steven Gibbs HDR

With inventor Steven Gibbs help and astral time travel we can see what is to come upon us.

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