Mystery of Easter Island

The Island of Flying Birdmen

Easter Island, with its mysterious stone heads is the most isolated place on Earth over 2,000 miles from the coast of South America. Today, Easter Island, is called Rapaniu or Pascua. The original name was Te Pitoote Hanua, which means in Polynesian "the Navel of the World". The language spoken on the island is Rapaniu, the written form on long wooden tablets is Rongorongo. Few tablets remain as Catholic Priests burned the wooden tablets claiming they were demons. The locals were prohibited from speaking their native language and forced to convert to Christianity. This is similar what priests did in Mexico where they burned the works of the Mayans claiming it was from demons.

Easter Island  Moai

The giant stone heads or Moai were carved out of basaltic volcanic rock by the islanders. The official European story is that the islanders were a bunch of cannibals and destroyed their own statues, but I think that we do not see evidence of any other Polynesian society destroying statues; however, in his war against the Incas the Spanish Conquistador Fransisco Pizarro destroyed statues and said that this helped prove that the Christian God was stronger and that the will of the Indians to fight turned to water when their gods were destroyed.

So to make a long story short, the priests had much to gain by destroying their statues, the islanders had nothing to gain. The islanders were nature lovers and worshipped the manutara a sooty tern that looks a bit like a seagull.

Island of Flying  Birdmen

By slaughtering the Rapaniu perople and burning the Rongorongo wooden tablets that contain their history written in a mysterious ancient language very little remains of this once vibrant culture. The Eurocentric view of history is that all other people are cannibals and savages, but in fact, they the "enlightened" Europeans are the ones that go around slaughtering and killing. It is sad thay we do not know more about Easter Island.

In fact, very little remains, but the enigmatic splendid statues, a distant echo of a civilization far different from our own.


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