Operation Southern Cross

HDRKID uses an HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator. for astral time travel to the future. However, I found out about an experiment to use Tesla Tech to alter the past using physical travel. People from the future were sending war materials including atomics to the americans during the second world war. This did allow america to win. OK so this project was known as operation southern cross.

This is an interesting saga. Most people are not aware on. Already I know about the Philadelphia Experiment with Albert Bielek, but this is a new one. People from the future time travel to help america. This is so that we can beat nazi germany.

If you want to know more interesting stories please tell me.

HDRKID plans to find out about many mystery events and enigmas. Hopefully more people will come forward in the future with information on operation southern cross.

There is so much more. Personally, we need to understand what is going on. This project was one of many.

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operation southern cross versus nazi germany

Hitler was working on many new weapons. Sadly, many were created using super science. This came from a group of vegan rouges - yes from the area near vega. These gave Hitler's nazi germany an edge in the war. In the beginning he was winning. Please remember that the US was greatly affected by the great depression that destroyed much of our industry and problems in germany were not as severe.

Help from future

However, people from the future sent us weapons. With this help we beat nazi germany. They knew that Hitler was going to plunge humanity into a world wide police state that would last thousands of years. However, there is a price we pay. Most of the technology they gave us was never put in use. For example much that deals with curing illness or free energy. This is because it was classified as top secret and only for use in war.

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