Quantum Accelerator QA35a

We can see that the Quantum Accelerator QA-35a is a new device built by legendary visionary Steven Gibbs. A man who created many machines including the hyper dimensional resonator or HDR. The idea behind the QA35a is to build a small device that is easy to carry.

This electronics item is the size of a PDA or personal digital assistant and looks to be a most excellent device for my experiments. I will keep you posted on the latest developments with the Steven Gibbs Quantum Accelerator QA-35a.

See the inside of the Steven Gibbs Quantum Accelerator QA-35a.

I got a call from  Steven Gibbs about if I wanted to test out a new device he was building and needed to check on. So far I am getting ready to understand what it does. Steven Gibbs should send a booklet with his equipment.

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