Time Travel 1922

Astral time travel is fun. I went to the year 1922. Sadly, it was in a slightly different timeline. Unlike our own where a dozen eggs was a quarter back then, in this line it was just a nickel. There they had a new candy bar; it was called a zorimimu. The man yells "Hey, you wanna zori?"
I nodded and pulled out a penny. It was an old indian head which was grand since that is what a zori costs - one penny. OK so man says "Don't see many of these anymore. I was glad my money was close to what they had. Began to tear off the paper cover. Inside of a foil wrapping was a tasty candy bar called a zorimimu. It was so sweet with chewy taffy caramel and a crunchy peanut cluster center.

Beaver Brook

Great to time travel to 1922 so I looked around at the store. They had the usual things like flour, salt, and baking soda. In the back was a soda machine. Not sure if they had those in our timeline. OK so one of the drinks was a carrovinne malt soda. It was so max. Not only sugary, but also tangy and tart, as well as fizzy like a cola, but without the acidic bite. This one cost me a fiver, so I gave the man my old buffalo nickel.

The date on my coin was worn off, but originally it had said 1936. If you look real close with a big magnifying glass you could still see a narrow piece of the "6" sticking out that was still in view. OK as I was finishing me carrovinne, an interesting sensation hit me like pins and needles. I started to feel all tingly inside like when your arm falls asleep and then I pop back to now. Back home was I and my journey to 1922 was over.

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