Future Cancer Cure?

Hope for a better Tomorrow

Will there be a cure for cancer in the future? Can we hope things will get better?

CUREALL - future cancer cure?

Yes, there are many giant breakthrough advances in medical science. It is not just artificial organs that are better than the originals, but large machines that can reuvenate people by resetting the clock. These machines generate a special kind of energy that make people healthy. Astral Time Travel lets you see a world of wonder, but not sure how the strange machines work.

It might be that it uses a technology so advanced that we could not even comprehend it.

Still, it is not a pill, but a machine that generates a special kind of energy that kills the cancer while regular cells live. In fact, regular cells get young and healthy. There is no CUREALL pill in the future, however on one timeline hdrkid saw a compund called Klyzinate cure cancer in 2078.

Also plant extracts are in use in the future to cure illness, except that people do not get sick in the days ahead. It is discovered in the world tomorrow that lack of life force is the cause of much sickness.

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